Monday, February 28, 2011

The Last Day

Well, darling invisible friend, we've reached the end of our little blog challenge. And oh my, have we been successful! Every day, email account hacking not withstanding, a blog has been posted. Sure, many of them have been complete and utter crap, but through the poo, an occasional gem has shone through.

Mostly in the comment section. Ah, well.

This morning, I received an email and its subject line read "Modest Proposal." The writer of this email is my dear, dear, spicy yet sensible friend, Mo. She suggested the following:

So I have thoroughly enjoyed blogfest Feb. I look forward to reading and
laughing every day. I would propose you extend your daily blog to March.
I know, it's not easy, but you will be making your readers...very happy...

No, I didn't realize there was a substance abuse problem either.

I haven't written back yet, as I fear that my email might consist of things like, "HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FREAKING MIND?" As a rule, I don't believe such exchanges result in good will or fellowship of any positive sort. I did come close to clicking the "send" button after typing:


but stopped myself in time.

Here's the thing. I didn't quite make my WIP-writing goal, though it's so close, I can nearly brush it with my fingertips. While using a stepladder. Balanced on one foot. I will reach that goal, very likely in the next few days. Then I must edit and edit deeply if I want that manuscript to appear as if it were worthy of purchase and not just the ramblings of a madwoman.

Hey! Not nice! Not nice at all!

Anyway. After that, I must template/plot/begin my next WIP in preparation for April. No, the month. I do know an April [person] and she's lovely, but I think it's safe to suppose she does not give a rat's fuzzy butt if I ever write another word. Now that I think of it, I'm not sure she knows I write at all. One way or the other, she's not losing sleep over this. It is the month of April for which I prepare.

Dearest, it's not that I don't want to talk to you everyday. It's not that I've run of things to talk about...oh ho ho! Not that. Never that. It's just that daily blogs are a greater challenge than I realized.

Fine. Let's take a vote. All those in favor?


  1. But...but...what will I look forward to each day?

    Yes, I do understand though. The WIP must be done or I shall dig out the whip. No, not the kinky whip. Sigh.

    And April, another? Woot, you go girl.

    But, but...I shall miss my daily perk.

    Back to the shadows I go....sobbing....

  2. Aye!
    what else will I do between my callers? hmmmmm????


  4. I truely am saddened by the loss. The daily short lived obssesions are quite fun. A colorful spot in a drab day, a bit of insight into the mind of Lisa Marie. Yes, a bit is all we need I'm sure we dont want to get overloaded. What is next? The loss of soup day? I know it's coming, just take away all the joy of working here. Sob,sob sob, me crying.

  5. Hmm, having a particularly craptastic day, looking for a pick me up and LOOK....NO LISA! She ABANDONED us! She's like a drug dealer, started with a few posts here and there, upped our supply to a daily fix and now WANTS US TO QUIT COLD TURKEY!! Grrrrrrrr

  6. really ? really ? do you have something else to fill your time with ?? cooking / baking ? then I want to see the some products :-) if not, then I dont see any reason you are unable to continue with entertaining us :-) you must have goals in life girl :-)

  7. Also, I'm feeling very defamed by the substance abuse insinuation. I think you know how you can make it up to me/get off the hook legally.

  8. Joo nooo. I sink ju chud blog aht least ehvery ahther day!!! Good compromise?