Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Former Coworkers

Someone asked me yesterday how long I've been in my current job. Not only have I been sticking needles into people for twenty-one [21] years this month, but I will "celebrate" my seven [7] year anniversary this year.


So many people have worked with me over the years. Either I'm human-resources poison, or I'm the only moron who can't figure out how to operate the complicated technology of the doorknob.

No, that wasn't a multiple choice quiz. And (C) all of the above is just mean.

I miss a lot of them. There are a few I'd like to miss, but that's another blog, altogether. I'll probably miss Tonya one day, when she leaves screaming from my presence, but we'll see how that plays out.

I miss Stephanie. I miss the way the boys fell all over themselves when she'd come to work in the outfits she used to wear when she worked at Nordstroms, because none of her scrubs were clean. Heeheehee! That was just pure entertainment. I miss her conversation. I really, really miss the fact that she would usually eat the last piece of cake or cookie. It was awesome. You know how people do that? The cake remainder gets smaller and smaller and no one will take the last freaking piece? Stephanie would. I loved that. I'm probably going to have to join her gym if I ever want to see her again. I know. It doesn't bode well for anyone, does it?

I miss Paula. God, how I miss Paula! I wouldn't want her to come back to the lab, now that she's a PA, but oh, how I miss her. I miss the fact that this well-educated, professional woman really only got excited about hair, fashion and makeup. Oh, and bargains. I miss her humor. I miss her profound indifference to anyone else's opinion when it was directed at her. I miss the fact that she was this nearly stereotypical Brazilian hot pepper but couldn't understand why male patients literally lost their minds when they saw her. I am endlessly grateful that I still get to see Paula. Although a little less cleavage would be fine.

[Put those away! Someone's going to get hurt.]

I miss Maggie, although she's working in another lab now! Yay! Maggie returns!! I miss sharing the work week with her, and her willingness to work the remaining twelve-hour shifts gave me the best schedule ever. I miss the fact that she needed time off for kids, or appointments, or pregnancies [okay, only one pregnancy] gave me tons of overtime, greedy cow that I am.

I kind of miss Carmen, but she was only here for about five minutes. I think my boss still thinks I did something to her. I didn't. I didn't! It was her back. Stop looking at me like that.

I don't really miss Janet. She was whiny about the twelve-hour shift thing and it screwed up my schedule in the long run. She wasn't all that reliable, either. And she was mean to Paula when Paula needed to adjust her schedule for classes. Big poopoohead. Janet, not Paula.

Although...she did give me a really great cup for Christmas once. I really like the cup. Anyway.

I miss Sonji and Kenya, from my days in Pennsylvania. Working with them was incredibly educational. Weaves. Who knew?

I really, really, really miss my dear friends Carla and Pam from Boise. I miss seeing Pam and saying, "Pammy...Whammy...Clammy...Mammy...Hammy..." for no damn good reason. And I miss Carla's wit and wisdom. I miss the conversations. I miss lunches out. I miss sitting around with them and watching movies. I miss them because they became my family when I moved to a city in which I knew no one.

Oh, well. They're stuck with me for life, now.

Okay, now I need chocolate. Excuse me while I find some...and check flight prices to Boise.


  1. I hope that one day I get to be on the "missed" list.. but then again, I love working with you and have no plans on leaving. Really the only reason why I am commenting is so that you can see that even though I am home goofing off.. I am following this 30 day challenge.. lets see who makes it to the end xxoo

  2. hmmm, I worked with you Lisa. Nice to see I didn't make the list. *Dramatic SOB* No, no, I'm sure i just slipped your mind, I mean, c'mon who can compare next to all those people?? :D

  3. Lisa dear... while I would quite literally JUMP at the chance at working with you... alas.. it is not meant to be. I'll have to settle for having you as a neighbor, and sometimes pet sitter. Which will have to suffice. For now.

  4. Mo. You are not a "former coworker." You are Spicy Cuban Mo, my dear, dear friend. To associate you with that place we happened to call workplace would be an insult to the wonder and majesty that is MO.

    Robyn, you'd end up looking for a place to stash my body. And then who'd make shortbread for you?

    Shelley, look! Soup!! Heeheehee....