Saturday, February 5, 2011

There's no 12-step program for this.

It's Saturday.

Despite the people who insist on texting and calling BEFORE 9 AM, I got to sleep in today. And yes, Roommate wanted to go to Costco today. On Saturday. The Saturday before the Super Bowl. But hey, what do I care? It's...


Oh, glorious day. And I don't have to work in the lab!

I've taken to telling my coworkers the scores from the previous night's games, or the previous weekend's. I have to love the people who like me enough to pretend like they care. It's a beautiful thing.

Me: Canucks beat the Blackhawks!
Coworker A: Huh?
Coworker B: [speaking out of the corner of his mouth] Hockey. Go along with it.
Coworker A: Oh. Oh! Great!

Now, at this point, the Montreal Canadiens shut out the New York Rangers, 2-0. The Toronto Maple Leafs will be playing the Buffalo Sabres and the Ottawa Senators will be playing the New York Islanders in less than an hour. And to round out the evening, the Calgary Flames will playing the Los Angeles Kings. It's all so exciting.

Awwww, did you just pretend to care? How sweet are you?

Now, run along, beloved invisible friend. I have hockey to watch.


  1. Yeh, sure, uh huh. Whatever. ;)

    I get that look when someone I know talks poker.

    Or someone else talks vintage gaming systems.

    I think some get that look when I talk chickens.


  2. Have they replaced your passport with a Canadian one yet?

  3. Would you PLEASE come two houses down.. and enjoy hockey with my soon to be husband??? I am learning to like it, but currently am having a difficult time seeing any sort of puck out on the ice. Its very small. I insist you join us sometime very soon. Really. And yes... you can bring a cake if you