Thursday, February 3, 2011

Souper Bowl Thursday

Have we discussed Soup Day, darlingest? Hmm. Well, if I'm repeating myself, you'll forgive me, right? I should hope so! Otherwise...


Heeheehee...oh, all right. Sheesh.

My lovely coworker Vicki suggested Soup Day last winter. She felt that, with the dreariness of the winter in the Pacific Northwest, we all needed a little pick-me-up at work. And you know they don't let us drink on the job anymore. No, I don't why. I agree; they're being completely unreasonable. Bastards.

Vicki suggested, since shooting up is bad, that we have Soup Day once a week. One of us would bring in a Crockpot of soup, one of us would bring in bread. If "us" developed a third arm, a sweet could be added. And then all the departments who use our Break Closet could enjoy a lovely lunch and happiness would reign supreme. Birds would sing, chipmunks would cavort, rainbows would dance across the sky--

Pardon? Oh, the Break Closet. Well, it's not large enough to be a room, so it can't be called such. Seriously. More than 2.5 people in there, you need a lubricant. And not in the fun way.

We did Soup Day once a week [more or less, don't get picky] all last winter and it was a rousing success. There was every reason to try it again this year. Again, it's been lovely. Actually, I can tell how well a particular soup went over by the number of e-cards I get in my mailbox. No not try that soup again.

I usually make a main soup and a back-up soup. If I happen to make a soup with pork in it, I do a smaller batch that's pork free. At least one of my soups per week is vegetarian. I try to keep one option gluten-free. Sometimes, I fail at all of that. This week's soup day theme is Souper Bowl Thursday.

Vicki made chicken chili. Tonya brought French bread. Someone [probably Vicki, God bless her] brought sour cream and onion chips. I made beer-cheese soup [go, Packers!] and a Mexican chocolate loaf cake. That's chocolate with cinnamon and ancho chili added. Mmmm! Several coworkers have peered doubtfully at the beer-cheese soup, but I am not deterred. As I've told some of the whinier soup eaters, "Think of a ball game. You get a pretzel with cheese and a nice, cold beer. Same idea, just in soup form."

Really, it's the next best thing to drinking on the job.


  1. Congrats on the steady updates. Yay, you!

  2. Its almost worth working at the everett clinic just to try your soups! and of course try out that closet situation (lol)... Nah. I'm going to stick to my current plan of walking my dog past your house and sniffing for the scent of fried chicken.