Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Interactive Post!

The Oscars do this to me.

I watch the awards being handed out and I see individual lives being changed. Oh, it's not like anyone's eliminating worldwide hunger, but still, it's a big deal for a lot of people. And it's great entertainment for the rest of us.

The outfits alone...!

So what would you say if you won an Oscar? Would you thank your parents? Your spouse? Your children? Would you mention your agent? Your drama teacher from high school? Every person you've ever met?

I'd like to thank the Academy for such an unbelievable honor. I'm absolutely positive that this is all a hideous mistake, however, and large men in dark suits and sunglasses will be by later to take away this little gold man. I shall say good night now as I will be leaving town as soon as I leave the stage. Good night, goodbye, God bless you all.


  1. Snicker....not watching.

    I'll give you safe harbour.


    Now write as a thought swirls in my mind. Yes, it's true.


  2. Instead of thanking everyone who paved he way to my success (mums were a big hit last night), I would out all of have grievously wronged me with an added warning that their time is almost up.

  3. The big question remains. What would you wear?
    Plus once they give it to you for all to see its yours.

  4. bY tHe [WA]y SiDeMarch 1, 2011 at 10:08 AM

    I would like to thank all the people that told me I couldn't do it as I have waited for this day to prove to myself that you were all wrong, my family, past and present, my wife, Karl Pilkington from, "An Idiot Abroad" as he has been my inspiration, and to whoever thought I should have gotten this award is for whatever you thought I did...go get help...seriously.

  5. "For all you hatin' bitches out there....KISS MY ASS!"

  6. I've seriously considered this question.

    "The reason this marvelous little statue is in my hand? Well, a whole lot of people did a whole lot of work to make me look good-- it's much easier to put in a good performance when working with the kind of talented and dedicated people I had the privilege of working with during this production. So, if you want to know whom I have to thank, and thank profoundly, for this brief moment at the podium, please go watch the movie again and pay attention when the credits roll. All those people. Too many to mention here. So at the moment I'll limit the naming names to just one of the people not appearing on the silver screen right before the announcement that no animals were harmed... Chuck Berglund. That man taught me some of my earliest and most important lessons about acting, and really set me on the path which led to being mentioned in the same paragraph with the other remarkable nominees. That was a barely dreamed-of thrill, after which this is just the icing on the cake. [kisses statue] That's some delicious icing. Thanks, Mr. B. May God bless us all."

    And yes, Charles Berglund was my director in Glenbard North High School theatre productions.