Friday, February 25, 2011

All Part Of The Package

I'm still recovering from the hacking incident, so this is just going to be a little tidbit of a post.

The ex said, in a moment of profound insight, that he figured out that Roommate and I were a package deal. He wasn't wrong; Roommate and I, beyond our faux-bian relationship, really are family. Whether or not we live in the same house, we're going to be family. Anyone I date or [I can't believe I'm about to type this] marry will have to accept this.

Still going to be easier than dealing with Mom.

A man I dated last year really took this to heart. Our third date was a lot of fun. He took both Roommate and me out for teriyaki and naturally, we played pool afterward. We stopped by a local bar and they danced to the hot Latin music pounding out of the speakers. When Roommate and I decided to go out for dinner and invited him along, he would walk past me in the restaurant and gave her a big hug first. I do miss him a little.

What? I do.

Anyway! Not long ago, Roommate and I were having a chat about a gentleman who indicated interest in dating me. Roommate had met him and had chatted on the phone with him until I could put down whatever I was holding when he called, so she knew something about him. But not everything.

"Does he like to play pool?" Roommate asked me after I had gotten off the phone with him one day.

I answered honestly that I didn't know.

Roommate looked at me reprovingly. "If we're going to be dating this guy, we need to know this stuff."

Yeah. We.

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