Sunday, February 6, 2011

Things I could have done without this weekend.

1) The Edmonton Oilers continuing their losing streak.

It just breaks my heart, a little. They're 30th in the league again. I know, I know. It'll come about. But jeeze! Boys! Win a couple, wouldja?

2) The Calgary Flames losing in shoot-out.

I don't know why the Los Angeles Kings aren't my favorite team, but I am particularly disappointed by this loss. And they had to have seven shooters! Seven! Flames...Flames...what's going on here? And you were doing so well just recently.

3) Going to a country bar.

No, seriously. This is what happened. Roommate has...interesting siblings. Yes, yes, I know this is going way back, but you have to have the background. Her brother was married to his second wife when he took a trip to Montana and met...his third wife. Charming, yes? I'm assured she was no longer working as a stripper when they met. I would say this was a good decision on his part, finding the love of his life, but for the fact that I have a feeling of fondness for Wife #2 and Wife #3...doesn't provoke the same affection. Well, that and the whole "gosh, but you were married when you started dating her" thing. Call me old-fashioned. We'll leave it at that for now.

The reason Roommate went to the country bar [and I, of course, was invited to go along] was Wife #2's birthday celebration. I am very happy for Wife #2, or Ex-Wife, that she's been freed from a marriage that didn't serve her. I'm pleased that she met a nice young man, who was cordial and courteous, upon meeting Roommate and myself. And of course, I'm delighted that Ex-Wife felt free [or lubricated] enough to tell us, in excruciating detail, how she made it through the devastating betrayal of her marriage. And I'm glad we left immediately after that.

4) Ending a casual dating relationship.

We'd only gone out a few times! And he's a nice guy, a really nice guy, but..but...he wasn't the guy for me. That's fair, isn't it? That's the right thing to do, right? I didn't pull the dreaded disappearing act, which I hate. I apologized and took ownership and reassured him that he did nothing wrong. Having said all that, when did it become the thing to do to tell the person who is attempting to be honest and respectful that she's breaking the guy's heart???? Jeeze louise!

Okay, ending things with The Weeper was worse, but still...!

5) Being woken up, on Sunday morning...

...By a beagle we're babysitting, a babysat beagle who barfed in my bedroom.



  1. Blink. Blink.

    I need coffee.

    Glad you have the beagle.

    Now to grab the kitten (okay, he's two+ now) that's outside, bemoaning the fact his feet are cold. Well, duh, there's snow on the ground.

    Oh, and you, WRITE!

  2. You're old fashioned. Oh, I mean "old-fashioned." I see you wanted that hyphenated.

    Sorry about all things hockey not obeying your wishes. They ought to know better.

  3. Now if it was an Irish Country Bar you would have been okay...