Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Are you kiddin' me?

Did I move? Is the calendar wrong? Are we expecting the four guys on horseback?

Utterly ridiculous. This is the Pacific Northwest, people. The land of wussy weather. The place in the world where 85 is stinking hot and oh, dear God, go buy an air conditioner! The spot where one inch of snow causes the spontaneous disappearance of milk, bread and toilet paper at every grocery store and effectively shuts down a city. People call in absent to work with one inch of snow!

Okay, okay. I'll try to be fair. In the greater Seattle area, before snow will stick on absurdly steep hills, one usually sees a generous coating of ice. Then the snow. And the hills in downtown Seattle are remarkably San Francisco-ish. So...all right. I get it. But come on!

It's February!! It's five days until March!! My daffodils had started to develop buds. Yeah. Maybe next year, kids.

I don't mind the snow. Really, I don't. I grew up in a land of four actual seasons. In this area, there are two: winter and July. Usually never gets below 40 degrees here, nor above 80. So there's rain. So what? If one cannot handle rain, one leaves. Really. It's just that simple.

The grayness gets to a lot of people, I will admit that. I find it soothing. I'm a little less like a squirrel on speed with the grayness, but others may find it a bit depressing. My brilliant cousin Dana say this is why caffeine and heroin are so popular in the Northwest and I believe her. Well, of course I do. Did you not see the title "brilliant cousin" before her name? See. There you go.

I am bemused, darling invisible friend. Befuddled, even. Thoughts?


  1. Oh, if I could only show you the view from my kitchen window then you would say wtf? Wait, I live in that former spot of yours.

    Yes, it's coming down and Winter called up the Four Horsemen and said don't bother. Such a guy. But no, we aren't out of bread, etc. It's time for the ijits to put on their 4-wheel drive and be ijits some more.

    Come visit, enjoy the expected 8 inches of semi-virgin snow and I'll make a nice pot of Irish tea.

    And share the fast make cinnamon rolls with you.

    What are daffadils? ;) Deer keep eating my bulbs.

  2. 1st.. I didnt call out today, my MD is laying on a beach in cali and that allows me to sit home admiring this beautiful white stuff falling from the heavens that I have prayed for over and over. Now before you drive over here to beat me.. remember we all have our own little quirks. Mine just happens to be praying for snow :-)

  3. did i ever tell u i love rainy days????? the snow is so fluffy!!!!!!