Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day.

I wasn't going to address this. I am, after all, an embittered spinster. Heh. But Happy Valentine's Day anyway.

My lovely coworker Vicki says, even if one doesn't have a romantic interest, one may be loving to oneself. Noooo, not that way. Unless, you know, that way is the way you're headed. Why not? Safest sex ever, right?

I have no stones to throw.

Vicki went on to say that we can all be kind and loving to others as a celebration of this retailer's holiday. It doesn't have to be dating or marriage or passion related. It can just be a reason to express love.

Connie doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day. She does, however, celebrate National Discounted Chocolate Day. That's February 15th, in case you were curious. Vicki adds that this also applies to flowers. And I imagine, those ridiculous pink stuffed animals.

Roommate, AKA My Faux Spouse, informed me that she was NOT going to get me anything for Valentine's Day. I guess the magic is just gone there.



  1. My boy calls this day Be Mean to Singles Day. Yep, he sees it as a way to snark at those that are single, etc.

    He's having a Black and Pink tea tonight.

    I'm all for showing the love all year round, and I don't mean gifts GIFTS and things like that, but little things that just say you care, you're special, etc, and treating everyone* nice all year round.

    *Except for those ones, you know, the ones that make you gnash, grind teeth, rend hair and flesh and consider bad things.

    May you have a lovely day.

    And woot for Discounted Chocolate day. I never thought of that.

  2. Mean to singles day? Really?
    He´s having a pink tea tonight and he thinks he holds some sort of high ground on single MEN? LOL.

    Valentines day is a good deal I reckon. Atleast for everyone who wants to pretend atleast ONE day a year to still be in love with that same ole wreck (that they let themselves go with) they moved into their tiered suburban house with.

    I´m actually not bitter, just not for me.
    To all you people in relationships.
    Try to show the person you are with that you love them every day.
    If you can´t do that, every day that isn´t valentines day.

  3. The Pride Center at his college is doing a tea-mmm, cakes, cookies, giggles, friends and tea/pop. A get together, enjoy company and hey, if you're doing the sex thing, be smart and safe.

    He's in a relationship with a sweet guy and wants to see everyone happy and realizes V-day can make some people unhappy. Like one of his friends going in all black because he hasn't found that one guy that sets his world on fire or gets him for being him.

    And yes, everyday should be a show/share the love with the one your with. It beats a card (overpriced), flowers (dead the next day or soon after), and chocolate (it's ok, you can forget your plan to eat healthier with this and I won't hold it against you.).
    I love the simple things that Mr. Man daily does. From the simply love you bunny, fresh bun Saturday (don't ask), to the thanks for the email that made me smile/laugh/groan/do you want me to build/bake/cook that.

  4. That thing right there is one of the things gets to me..
    Seriously, wearing black because you haven´t found someone/thing to share your life with?
    WTH is wrong with people.
    Time to grow a thicker skin..
    This world is a piss poor place, really it is.
    Some people have luxury to never get into contact with the darker places in it, that doesn´t mean you should stick your head in the sand and dress in black.

    And ma´m, should unsafe sex be the thing that finally gets me.
    So be it.
    That´s a serious step up from the current alternatives.

    Have you told your guy/girl you love them TODAY? ;-)

  5. Ok, the guy with the black clothes for last night, he's a teenager, second year of college, a bit of a drama boy and just out to have fun with a group of people. Did he QQ while he told my boy the no on gets me story? Doubtful, he more than likely hammed it up, went out and had a blast with a bunch of like-minded kids learning their way in a society that doesn't always get their way.

    Every day is a day to tell him/her you love 'em.

    Omg, you ma'am'd me. I think I might fall over.

    I'm not an officer, I work for a living. ;)

    Back to the shadows...

  6. Oh shoot! Missed the chocolate sale!