Friday, February 11, 2011

How did I get here?

So last night I found myself [and Roommate] as a Mary Kay meeting.

I know.

See, I used to sell Tupperware. And once a week, I had to attend these types of meetings. Periodically, victi---ahem, potential consultants are invited to attend these meetings, to be shown the fun and profitability of such a venture. I knew this. But I walked into it anyway.

Yes, the operative word is sucker. However did you guess?

But the big sales boss had fun picking colors of makeup for me. Other people had a great time. So my skin was irritated. Big deal! My skin is bitchier than roomful of healthcare workers on a full-moon Friday with a broken coffee pot and no chocolate anywhere. Yes, bitchier that that, I say. With authority.

But Roommate and I looked fabulous when we walked across the street to the Irishmen and I had a drink. Quickly. I think Karen, the midwest-transplant Mary Kay lady who invited me to this superduper event, would like me to have a party. Or pass out catalogues. Or sign up to be a consultant. Let me tell you my response to these hopes.

No. That's right. I defied the Hungarian Speech Impediment and said NO.

I will not be a consultant. I did that with Tupperware and did fairly well, but that's because I love Tupperware. I still have four--okay, five cupboards filled with Tupperware. Yes, I use it. And yes, I can still tell you what the benefits are for each piece.

Quit judging me.

I just don't have that feeling for makeup. And I am not taking on anything else right now. No!

I'm not going to pass out catalogues and gather orders. See above.

And I'm not going to have a party. I'd end up making snacks and drinks and dragging over my poor beleaguered friends and forcing them to stay for dinner, which I would handily have ready in the oven. And then there'd be wine and chatter and maybe a movie. And popcorn. And we'd probably stay up really late, talking talking talking.

Okay, maybe.

Quit judging me.


  1. Oh, dinner, movie, treats.. I'm there.

    Well, not for the makeup part.

    Good for saying NO! You're improving. I'm so proud of you. :D

  2. wow I didnt know the word "no" was even in your vocabulary :)

    dont look at the time of this posting.. so what that its 2 am.. bottom line is that I am reading the blog update :-)