Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Bits and Nonsense

The entry yesterday about writing really slowly took [literally] all day to write. The time that blogspot uses as "post time" is the time I start the blog.

I don't think clams are really that happy. It's just the way their mouths are shaped.

Many men actually believe they are unemotional creatures. Anger is an emotion, fellas.

Drama queens are everywhere. I think we should be made to wear signs. You know, for the benefit of society.

It's a very bad sign when one starts her work day at 0800 and is looking at the clock two minutes before that time, calculating when she will be done for the day.

Why am I supposed to care what the Kardashians are doing? Why are there so many ways for me to find out what they're doing?

Never piss off your waiter. Never be mean to your phlebotomist. And if you know a guy is armed, don't be an idiot.

I'm not saying anything, I'm just saying.


  1. thanks for the laugh...sad to say, sometimes i do wonder what the kardashians are up to! ha ha!

  2. Uh oh...


    have a peanut butter choco chip cookie?

  3. are you sure clams even have a mouth.. you are making stuff up again. what would my sign be ?? hmmmmmmmm dont answer that.. last but not least I cant stand the kardashians and can only hope they all get pregnant and gain 50 lbs... no wait. I dont think I want little kardashians running around. but then again, I am not saying anything.. I'm just saying (wink, wink) btw.. did I miss soup on Tuesday.. danggit