Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You know...

Every time I type those words, I think of Gluten-Free Jen's dog.

No, no. Follow me on this.

GF Jen has a poodle-Maltese mix named Juno. He was named after Juneau, Alaska; the spelling was just changed a bit. No, he's not a Roman goddess. He's just a little dog.

During a recent trip to the family lake place, I was blessed to have GF Jen and her family visit, and naturally, Juno came along. Somewhere along the line, I decided that Juno spoke with an accent. And that he started every sentence with the words "you know."

"Joo nooooo..." he would say. "I....am joost a leetle dog. I....cannot reach ze coooookie jar."

Fortunately, this did not have a negative impact on Juno's self-esteem.

"Joo nooooo..." he would say. "I....am ze handsomest boy in ze world. Aaaaaallll ze ladies want to keeess me. I....joost have no boy parts to make zem happeeee...." This was always followed by a vaguely accusing look.

I think, if Juno had received the phone calls and emails I have, he'd have something to say.

"Joo nooooooo..." he would say. "Thees is joost a leetle blog. It ees not even zat goood."

Thanks, Juno. Couldn't have said it better.


  1. Omg, I love that little dog and jes, his leeetle voice is so sweet.

    Now I'm missing him.

    Better than your mom, yes her, appearing in one of my dreams.

    Off to ponder...and try to get zat cute leetle dog out of my head. Juuuu nooo, I'm so cute...

    Sigh, what a darling pooch.

  2. Joo nooo, joo chud sign heem up on eee Shmarmony!