Thursday, March 10, 2011

I think it's over.

Today is Soup Day and I think it may be the last of the season.

I made a roasted red pepper and tomato soup, with sour cream on the side, should anyone wish to make it bisque-y. Or bisque-ier. And Vicki, lovely woman that she is, brought American cheese and whole wheat bread for grilled cheese sandwiches. A couple of the docs also brought cheeses, a sharp cheddar and a smoked gouda.
See? It's gouda! Heeheehee!!!!
[sigh] You know, you could at least play along.
I'm a little concerned about stopping Soup Day. I'm a little afraid my coworkers will rise up in rebellion against me. Or make voodoo dolls with my face. Or take out a hit on me.
This could happen, you know. Some of them...[significant look] ...know people.
Oh, I'm being silly. It's soup, fer chrissakes. We're not talking about gourmet fare here. And it's getting too warm for soup. I'll bring in ice cream. That'll make them happy. Right?


  1. But, but, there's always time for soup. Or casseroles.

    Oh, food, where art thou?


    What's next, dear one, after the soup season ends?

  2. There's always room for ice cream!!!! But we like it when you make us things!!! :)

  3. I suspect that your soup is gourmet fare.
    When you wake up and find a dripping ladle on the pillow next to you, maybe then you'll realize making soup is an offer you can't refuse.

  4. Yes please stop soup day because I'm jealous. I work there every Monday and never been a witness to soup day. Just stop it already..... No soup for you!!!!

  5. ummmm hello...ever hear of "cold" soups.. let me name a few for ya.. chilled zucchini, blueberry mango (yes its a soup), vichyssoise, gazpacho, borscht and scandinavian fruit soup. Just to name a few xxoo