Monday, March 7, 2011

WHY do I do this?

Why do I stay up until 2AM when I need to be up by 6AM? What kind of doltish behavior creates a mindset that it's perfectly okay to run on four hours of sleep?

Not that I run, you know. Yes, you do know, don't you? I hate breaking a saunter. Oh, I can stroll, should the need arise, but run? I think not.

I have friends who do this on a regular basis. No, really, they do. They function on four hours of sleep. What? Ohhh. You weren't questioning their ability to operate on very little sleep, you were casting doubt on my having friends. Mean. Just mean.

Now that you've had your little sniggering laugh, may we move on? Thank you.

I know people who consider four hours of sleep a LUXURY, fer chrissakes. Strangely, most of those people are in the military. Now, if I were armed, I would think a little extra sleep would be in order. But perhaps this is why I am not armed.

I am less patient when I am tired, not that I am overburdened with patience to begin with. My filters are less firmly attached. I have an odd tendency to make growly noises, which I'm doing right now. [grrr...grrr....]

I think I need a nap. Grrrr.


  1. Nap time! I'm there.

    Four hours? Wow, you're trying to be like me. Not good.

    Does it help to tell you the cats/dogs are all napping? No? Okay. ;)

    Have some tea? A cookie? Peanut butter or oatmeal choco chip? Have too damn many. Must share.

    Feel better and less growly.

    I'm off to nap......

  2. 4 hrs .. I have done this.. but not by my choice I tell you. My dang brain rambles and rambles and drives me to the point where I have to get out of bed and do something until I then am able to fall sleep. But in the morning.. I do warn my co-workers that I am not going to be friendly and suggest they keep their distance :-) BTW whats for soup this week.. ok ok its only monday.. but how I do look forward to your soups.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm