Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Introducing the AATA

Okay, dear one. You know I don't normally post twice in one day, but something caught my eye. This is the cover of April's Conde Nast Traveler. Note the upper right hand corner of the cover:

Ooo, places to see right now? That sounds super! That sounds exciting! These are place that might not be as good to see later, say five years down the line. How useful, how helpful of the fellows at Conde Nast to share this information with me...and everyone else who reads this magazine. But no matter! I shall read and perhaps, I'll find my next dream vacation spot!

Destination #1...a hot new spot in Brasil! Trancoso. Ahh...even the name sounds exotic and thrilling. Perfectly illustrated by the photo of some dream weaver in a Speedo, article author Bob Payne lists the reasons why to go, why to go now, what to do if one does go now and golly, even the best way to get there.

So far, this looks great! The bit on Trancoso was followed by the same snippets of info on Sri Lanka, Oman, Lhasa, Maldives, Mexico. Brooklyn made Mr. Payne's list at number 7! [Note to self: tell spicy Cuban Mo this. I'm sure she'd love to travel to Brooklyn.]

Mozambique was on the list after Brooklyn. I'm not sure how the locations were arranged, but the organization does pose a question or two, does it not?


I read further and there it was. Location number 10, sandwiched between Zona Cafetera, Colombia and Kurdistan, Iraq. May I say that neither of those locales ever made my Top Ten list for vacation sites, either? But number 10, in all its glory, was:

That's right. Libya.
I'm not really sure what Bob [Bring The] Payne is thinking. Perhaps he belongs to the Anti-American Travelers Association [We've killed more American tourists than any other service since 1994!] or maybe, just maybe he's less in touch with world events than I am. I didn't know that was possible, but there you are.
Maybe Bob thinks I can just hang out with Momar Gad--Muammar Quad--how the hell do you spell that guy's name?? I'm not calling him Mo. And while I'm sure he's a blast at a party, but I have to say, I'd rather not be at ground zero when he blows.
Libya. Yeah. I don't think so.


  1. I would sooner go to Brooklyn before any of those place, only because theres Little Italy and some awesome eateries... and whats a vacation if you are not eating :-) I'm just saying :p

  2. Brooklyn? Really? Don't get me wrong, the best pizzeria in NYC is in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is magical and have an amazing Cherry Blossom festival (2nd only to DC in the US), Belle & Sebastian chose the Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn as the only NYC location in which they would perform after a 5 year hiatus-- but top 10 worldwide??

    Fear not my pet, I'll send you a postcard from Tripoli!

  3. Remember articles get turned in a month or two before the mag goes to print so the clueless (his choices, not so great) wasn't as clueless as we want.

    But still.....sigh. Not really any place I want to venture except Brooklyn.

    Now Scotland, Ireland, and a few others, I'm there.

    back to the shadows....poof!