Monday, March 28, 2011

Uh oh

Automatic Gearbox Warning Contact Volvo Dealer Immediately


According to Volvo's owners manual, this warning is signaled by flashing arrow on my dashboard. A flashing arrow appeared on my dashboard as I was racing my wee beastie to water therapy this afternoon. I made it to water therapy, I made it back to the repair shop. I parked the car there and walked the mile or so back to work.

Yeah. I was late getting back.

Now I get to see how much it will cost me to repair Volvo. Poor Volvo. Poor moose-battling Volvo. He does his best, Volvo does, but there's only so much a little Swedish sedan can do. Even if he is made out of cast iron.

I asked the woman at the desk at the repair shop to wave a magic wand and make it an easy repair that cost very little and she laughed. It wasn't a pleasant laugh. It unsettled me, that laugh, almost as much as the brochures for Mediterranean cruises that littered her work space.

Now, dearest invisible friend, please understand. I accept that as the owner of a vehicle, I have to pay for some maintenance and repair. I would just prefer not to be someone's vacation fund. I think I pay enough for other things. Things. Stuff. Services. Thousands and thousands of dollars for it.

Not that I wasn't delighted to fund the education of those therapists' college-age children. I see that as a benefit to society. One wouldn't wish therapists' children to be left to run loose on the streets. Education is always of value.

The yacht was excessive. Oh, yes, he needed the yacht. Pfft.

And the Christmas cards I get from Duracell are lovely. One can hardly regret that expenditure. I see this as a boost to the economy.


But I really hope this particular repair job is inexpensive. I'm almost out of batteries.


  1. you get Christmas cards from Duracell? Hmmm... not even gonna go there

  2. Not touching the battery info...

    Bad Volvo. Bad. No cookies for it.