Friday, March 18, 2011


I hab a code id by dose.

Well, it's not just in my nose. It's in my throat and my chest, too. I am, as The Good Lisa has described her small daughter with a similar ailment, gooey and gross. And it's not because of excessive debauchery last night! I promise. There was no actual debauchery, I'm sorry to say. There was, however, a $10.00 cover charge and inflated drink prices. And after not finding a place to stand, much less sit, Roommate and I threw in the towel and went for a burger.

Obviously, I have bypassed dull and gone straight for stodgy. It's very sad.

And then I woke up feeling like a buffalo was crammed up my nose. Okay, not an actual buffalo, but a buffalo-sized wad of cotton batting. Also, some unkind being has stolen my voice. At present, I sound like a smurf.

But Roommate has taken care of me. She brought tea to my room this morning and then made me a lovely ham, cheese and veggie scramble with an English muffin. She poured an enormous glass of orange juice for me. And then she cleaned the kitchen, finished the laundry and dusted the living room.

I know. Best roommate ever.


  1. I know a good MD to de-buffalo your nose. Hope you are feeling better xxoo

  2. ps... yes that room mate of yours is a keeper xxoo