Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Simple Recipe

There's nothing to it, really. It's a better-than-sex cake.

Now, now. It's just a name, for pity's sake. It might be more accurately called the better-than-SOME-sex cake. Some of the time, dental work is more fun, so cake...sure. That could be better.

Between us, darling invisible friend, don't take the title at face value. If someone offers you a choice, sex or cake, really consider the source of both. From some people, it's better to take the cake. From others...well, they're just not good bakers.


This is the chocolate version of the BTS cake. One may also make this in a tropical/citrus version, depending on the tastes of the cake consumers. Very simple to make, should one choose to do so. Why, yes! I will tell you how!

1) Bake a cake in a 9X13 inch pan.

It can be any flavor. It can be a box mix--which, by-the-bye, is not a bad way to make a cake. Good results usually occur. Just bake the cake.

2) Poke holes in the cake while it's still hot.

No, silly. With a fork. Or the handle of a wooden spoon. I'm not suggesting you burn yourself. What kind of savage do you think I am?

Shut up.

3) Pour good stuff over hot cake and allow said good stuff to absorb.

It can be almost any good stuff. Sweetened condensed milk, chocolate sauce, fruit juice, syrup. On this cake, I poured Bailey's Irish Cream and homemade caramel sauce. Btw, the smell of the homemade caramel sauce woke Roommate and dragged her into the kitchen by her nose. Just saying.

4) Top with more/other good stuff.

Again, almost anything sweet and yummy will work here. In this case, I put chocolate chips and crushed walnuts on top of the hot caramel, allowed it all to cool, then covered the whole thing with freshly whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Whipped cream is usually a component, but coconut, fruit, nuts of [almost] any sort can be used.

Oh, dear one, you should try this! Do. Then feel free to call/email/comment and taunt me with the better-than-cake sex you've had.

Don't mind the sobbing. It's just envy.


  1. Oh Lisa Marie, you take the cake.

  2. Oh.....em.......GEE!!!!! I am NOW eating this BTS cake AGAIN in the comfort of my home, in bed, watching Glee and seriously....away from the SH$T that is called work....it's even better!!!! The caramel, by the way is my favorite part. The way it melts in your mouth....then the pop of chocolate bits... And the crunch of the nuts....um yes, it lives up to it's name! But I am still dreaming about better than cake sex on the horizon! Just read this again.....and giggling about the mention of "nuts". :) BTS!