Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wisdom. Whether I like it or not.

Yesterday, Smooth and Groovy Steve was helping me clean up the Break Closet, post Soup Day extravaganza. I didn't even have to make threats or burst into tears. Yay, S&G Steve!

In the process of scraping the last molecules of soup into my Tupperware, I was reminded of this old Yankee saying on the sampler above. I know a lot of people would have just pitched the last of the soup, but really...why? It wasn't a ton of soup left, but it was enough to make buddy Erik, coworker Tonya and X-ray babe Lisa very, very happy this morning.

I love this saying. Yes, I was raised by the cheapest woman on the planet; I'm not sure I could have avoided loving this saying. But how interesting that what was once a virtue [frugality] became a vice [miserliness] and is once again a virtue. People just call it being "green."

By nature, I am self-indulgent. I am. I'm not frugal or economical or thrifty. But as I read this sampler again, I find myself wanting to be better.

Heaven forbid. It might be time to grow.


1 comment:

  1. If there is enough to have in the morning, I'm all over it. Unless it's spaghetti sauce. I can't stomach that stuff any longer.

    Left over soup is nom nom.

    Good of you to save and share again.