Monday, November 21, 2011

Whoa, Canada!

Now, before anybody says anything, nooooooooooo, I am not a Canadian. I don't secretly long to be a Canadian. We're just talkin' hockey.

Yes. Hockey. And yowza, what a hockey weekend it was, baby! I don't know what happened exactly, somebody gave the Canadian teams their NHL Wheaties this weekend.

Bruce Jenner had nothing to do with it. I think.


The Winnipeg Jets played...

...the Philadelphia Flyers!

Given her feelings about Pennsylvania in general, Spicy Cuban Mo probably doesn't feel bad at all. The Flyers lost 6-4.

I do feel a little bad for the Jets. Not because they won their game, oh no. But the Winnipeg Jets were moved in 1996 because of financial problems and became the Phoenix Coyotes. Because naturally, when you think hockey, you think Arizona. Then Atlanta, Georgia got an expansion team, the Atlanta Thrashers. Because the next best thing to putting ice hockey in the desert is putting ice hockey in the Deep South. Then the Thrashers were sold and moved back to Winnipeg, where the tickets sold out in minutes. I'm not sure the Jets know who they are and where they live, but they're pretty clear on one thing.

It's freaking cold in Winnipeg.

Moving on. Very Nice Person's favorite/hometown team is the Washington Capitals. I gave him a Caps t-shirt for his birthday, in fact. Tremendous talent on this team, but on Saturday...
...the Toronto Maple Leafs, AKA Roommate's favorite team, spanked the Capitals like red-headed stepchildren. 7-1. Ouch.

Roommate doesn't actually care about hockey, btw. She just made the mistake of playing along and acting all excited about the Maple Leafs during one game. Now, I refer to the Leafs as her team. Because that's what I do. She rolls her eyes. Because that's what she does.

The New York Rangers have been having a pretty good year. They have. But on Saturday... ...they met up with the Montreal Canadiens and... shut out, 4-0. Awww, Rangers. Yay, Canadiens.



Sigh. My head is whirling.

Finally, after a day filled with commentators screaming, "SCORE!!!!" and nobody buying anybody dinner first, my favorite team, the Edmonton Oilers, had their turn.
Yes, they are still my favorites, despite the location of the ex and my efforts to embrace my inner Canuck. They've spent the last two years at the very bottom of the league, bless their hearts, and on Saturday, they faced the number one team in the league.

2010's Stanley Cup Champions, the Chicago Blackhawks.

Stellar team. Really. Awesome year they're having, too. Did I mention number one in the league? Yeah.... But on Saturday, the Oilers steamrolled right over the Blackhawks, 9-2. [That's not a hockey score, btw. That's a score that one sees at a baseball game.]

Pretty impressive, given that most of the Oilers are twelve years old.

Canadian hockey teams, I salute you. Go ahead, have a beer. Except the boys on the Edmonton team; you're still twelve years old.


  1. Bless your southern.

    My mind is going ick, icky on hockey. lol

    I know. Bad me.

    Miz Noods says if there is coffee, all is forgiven. :D

  2. BUT...what about the NY Islanders??? My home team, from Long Island!

  3. Another NY Mo??? What are you collecting spares?????????