Wednesday, November 23, 2011


See this?

This is a loving little token from one of my favorite people in the world, one of my doctors. He's a sweetheart. It's a toss-up whom I adore more, this man or his partner, but I do adore him. He's hilarious. He's sly. He's a very good doctor.

He brings me food that I really shouldn't have.

These little goodies are four Weight Watchers points for three cookies. That's not terrible, right? I could have three cookies and be fine. I could stop at three cookies. It could happen.


But there are five servings in the box.

Fifteen cookies.

Twenty points.

Why can't he give me apples?????????????????


  1. I love him..he soo rocks.....yummo!

  2. Yum! Don't you know denial is bad? ;) Enjoy them or I'll sneak over and take them away.