Thursday, November 3, 2011

Help, when I ask for it.

Some people are just lovely. No, really. My dear friend Erik sent this to me, knowing how tenuous my grip is most days: Isn't he fabulous? In the madness that has been the first two days of NaNoWriMo, this has made me giggle repeatedly. Of course, that could just be a sign of my disintegrating mental status, but we're going to see the glass as half full, aren't we, darling?

Debbie, my dear friend and HRHTM's water therapist, has been her usual font of delight and help to me and my wee beastie. She introduced me to this recently:

And in her loving and helpful way, brought one to me to get me through the conference this past weekend. [I know, I know. We'll talk about it soon. Soon. I promise.] Now, while I don't react to this potable the way I can react to McDonald's sweet tea, which is served in the handy keg size, I'm pretty sure I act like a squirrel on speed when I drink this.

Hmm? The sweet tea reaction? Oh, nothing, really. A little excitable, a little louder than usual, talking a bit more like an auctioneer than I normally do. And my blood pressure spiked to 170/120. But other than that, nothing much.

One of the loveliest things Debbie's done for me recently is introduce me to a group of her friends online. Nice, nice people. Nice people who happen to be brilliant and knowledgeable about many things including...

Dogs. How gorgeous are these German Shepherd dogs???? I know!!!

In my current WIP, my hero has a GSD and I really, really wanted to described them accurately and fairly. Plus, the hero and his dog are work partners.

And if one is going to write about these brave people and their awesome dogs... ought to be accurate. Not that anyone asked, but it's really not asking much.

Day Three of NaNoWriMo. 1,667 words to write today. Some of them spelled correctly.


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  1. What do you need help with?

    I can lend Miz Noods but she only works for coffee and an occasional cheek scratch or two.

    Don't ask me how I'm doing. Head, desk, pound.