Monday, November 21, 2011

The joys of leftover bread.

Bread pudding. One of many fabulous things one can make with day-old, or stale-ish bread. Easy to make. Delicious to eat. Simple ingredients.

And! And. This is really breakfast food. Bread, eggs, milk, butter. It's the breakfast of champions, really. Well, without Bruce Jenner prancing all over it. Actually, I shouldn't tease Bruce. He's got enough on his plate. Though I doubt any of it is bread pudding. Sad.

Coworkers Vicki and Sandra were extremely disappointed in the lack of whiskey sauce, those adorable little would-be lushes. Coworker Tonya, however, was relieved by the absence of said sauce, as she is our department lightweight. Bless her heart. The upside of this? Karaoke is certainly more entertaining with her around. So this isn't the best workplace idea, so what? It's fun for the rest of us!

I bet Bruce Jenner could use some whiskey sauce. Probably a quart or two.

Anyway. Bread pudding. Damn the Weight Watchers points; I'm having some more.

1 comment:

  1. She posts again!

    Falls off chair.

    Bread pudding...yay..with or without raisins?

    Bless your heart? Are you southern now? ;)