Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Toy! SHINY New Toy!!

It's an early Christmas present from a dear and darling friend!!!! I'm so excited! I'm so happy!

I so wish I could figure it out.

Yes, I know. I've committed "so" abuse. Forgive me. I have sinned.

Evidently, my beloved invisible friend who is now undoubtedly sniggering at me behind my back, one must have a wifi [Wifi? Wi-Fi? Whatevah.] connection to register one's Kindle. Until the Kindle is registered, it's a delightful and handy dictionary. Yes! The New Oxford American Dictionary is included in the purchase price. Of course, when I saw the screen for the first time, I thought it was the OED [Oxford English Dictionary] and promptly fainted with joy. Upon revival, I realized that this was not the case and, while disappointed, am less concerned about concussions.

My own, that is. Other people's concussions still worry me. But we'll discuss hockey another time.

Anyway. Roommate and I will share this pretty, shiny new toy, especially since I'm not allowed to do too much reading until my page goal is reached for NaNoWriMo. This maybe additionally challenging with the shiny new toy in the house.

But it's pretty and new. I think I shall go and stare lovingly at it.


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  1. You can get WiFi free at any AT&T hot spot. I think that ANY Starbucks would be OK, any library, I am betting that you can even get it at work. Any friends with a Laptop at home? They probably have WiFi. Hospitals usually do too, so again, you may be able to take it to work to get WiFi. If all else fails, the next time I see you, bring it to me. I will bring it home to register it and will download as many of the free books as you want me to at Amazon. ALL of the out of print stuff is free, and they have a free lending library if you are on Amazon Prime (free for a month should you so choose.. There's LOTS to do.