Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Comments, comments, everywhere...YAY!

Though I love comments made on my posts with a passion usually reserved for flaky, buttery pastry...mmmmm......I hate the fact that Blogger won't let me comment on my own blog. To be told I'm not authorized to post in reply is exasperating at best. So this is how I shall reply.

In regards to offering recipes, my Fabulous Neighbor Robin expressed concern that it might affect the "magic" of my cooking. When I finished stammering and blushing, I assured her that this would not be the case. And then Gluten Free Jen chimed in:

Your soup description with the fist fights, and johnny come
latelys....really wanted me to make that soup. It'd be a party in my mouth!
By Nesleina on Recipe Demands on 11/3/11

Okay. Sorry. But this just seemed naughty. She called me a twelve-year-old when I said that to her. Pfft.

Then Deb, wonder water therapist, came to my rescue again, as I lost the fight with yet another electronic gadget, the new Kindle:

You can get WiFi free at any AT&T hot spot. I think that ANY Starbucks would be OK, any library, I am betting that you can even get it at work. Any friends with a Laptop at home? They probably have WiFi. Hospitals usually do too, so again, you may be able to take it to work to get WiFi. If all else fails, the next time I see you, bring it to me. I will bring it home to register it and will download as many of the free books as you want me to at Amazon. ALL of the out of print stuff is free, and they have a free lending library if you are on Amazon Prime (free for a month should you so choose.. There's LOTS to do.
By Deb
La Monica
on New Toy! SHINY New Toy!! on 11/6/11

Oh, sweet and wonderful Deb. I love your problem-solving attitude. I say this sincerely; I want to be more like you when I grow up. Maybe I'll have to get a whippet. Or four. But I love the way you think. You little goddess.

[Btw, Connie helped me figure it out. Thank God someone was on Lisa Marie watch.]

In regards to the caption contest, I loved all the comments posted. But this one:

...Hey, wanna see the cat run scared? On the count of three, drop 'em!
One... two... J
By Anonymous on Caption Contest! on 11/4/11

This took the prize. Yes, there IS a prize! It's the baked good of your choice, made by me! Okay, it won't be as good as anything made by The Caked Crusader, but all in all, it shouldn't suck. Now, if only I knew who you were. Hmm. J. I bet I can noodle it out.

I felt a little bad about my faux emails to the ECWC people. A little. But, cheese and crackers, there were a boatload of emails every freaking day!! And since the Droid entered my life, now I know when emails arrive. Kristen understood this.

...I [un]subscribed the day they put me on it. I've no patience for me,
toos and other crap. heheh.. Did you hit send?
By Kristen on Strike up the editor. on 11/5/11

Nooooooooooo. I asked very politely and they helped. It was lovely and kind of them. And now I feel a little schmuck-y.

And finally, in response to this:

I could always tell when a certain housemate had a major paper due-- the kitchen became gleamingly spotless, the living room carpet immaculately vacuumed, all webs eradicated from corners... I now notice that a certain someone has actually *increased* her blogging rate. Yes, having something big to do with a daunting deadline can make one more productive; just often not in the the area it's supposed to.
By Anonymous on Dr. Wicked Was Here. at 8:57 AM

I say, not so, Mr. Poopyhead! Not so. You see, I can't work on my WIP while on the clock, but I want to keep the I-am-a-writer mindset. I can blog, however, in between making small children cry and horrifying countless adults, so that's what I've attempted to do, for these thirty days. [NB: My production has actually increased on my WIP, as well.]

On top of that, I'm a grown-up, it's my party and I'll blog if I want to. In the immortal words [or word] of Charlie Brown, "Nyah!"

Love you. Mean it.

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