Thursday, November 3, 2011

Caption Contest!

Darling invisible friend, please do not faint. I know how two blogs in one day unsettles you. But this picture was emailed to me after I posted for the day. What else could I do?!

Okay, I love this shot. Since I've already got captions flying through my brain, I thought I might open it up to everyone. Post your caption as a comment, please! [If Blogger is cranky, do it as an anonymous post, but put your name in the body of the comment.] And it's a contest! I have no idea what you'll win, but your name shall be whispered in revered tones.

Fine. I'll work on an actual prize. In the meantime, look!

"Look, man, it's very simple. We go to the river. We get some sand in the pan.
We swirl it around, get the gold, and it's bully sticks all around. This isn't
rocket science. Now open the freaking door."

Go! Go! Go!


  1. The dogs lined up--one, two, three. Bowls in mouth, they did the stare of death, also known as our damn stomachs are empty and we aren't pleased.
    They knew it would get their lazy human off the computer to come feed them before his brain ignited and made a mess.
    "On three, guys, then smoke him! That'll teach him to play his first shooter games and ignore our tummies!"

    groan...can I get my brain back?

  2. "We thought we were safe; we thought our heroic canine friends had defeated the invading flying saucers. But then we looked at the glow in their eyes and knew the aliens had possessed them..."

  3. We wit dat steel drum band. Where iz dey playin' today, Mon? (said in my worst Carribean accent...)

  4. "Just put the pot roast in the pans and back away slowly. That way no one will get hurt. We promise "

  5. Deb, you stole mine!!!!!

    Okay, then...

    Hey, wanna see the cat run scared? On the count of three, drop 'em! One... two...

  6. "may we have some more please" in their cute little british doggie accents :-)

    captions are running thru my brain lol

  7. I think the middle dog hasn't grasped that to look hungry and appealing his bowl should be the other way round - bless!