Sunday, November 6, 2011

A shameless theft.

All right, darling. Another double blog day. But I can't help this one, either. It's stolen shamelessly from a marvelous blog called The Uncrushable Jersey Dress. A wondrous place, this blog, that celebrates all things Betty Neels. You remember Betty? Well, of course you do! And suddenly, you need a snack, don't you? I thought so.

The person/people who organize this blog apparently have also been sucked into the NaNoWriMo madness. And before you shout at me, dear one, allow me to defend my paltry blogging. I am not allowed to use my netbook while at work, and find myself singularly unproductive while trying to work on my WIP from the depths of the lab. [The other rats squeak so loudly. Really, very annoying.] This is a nod to the Empress of Modern Romance, Jane Austen.

Jane knew that updating her Facebook status to 'Stuck' wouldn't help her word

Heeheehee! Oh, Jane. [sniff] You slay me.

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