Saturday, November 5, 2011

Strike up the editor.

Dear Emerald City Writers Conference Chairperson,

While the endless and unrelenting emails sent via the "ECWC loop" have been
loads of fun to receive, and receive by the truckload, I do not recall asking to
be including in this crap.

Hmm. A little formal and a trifle accusing. Let's try that again.

Hey, ECWC Netminder--

Super conference, really. Now, if you can be bothered, howsabout we throw the off switch on the email bullsh--

Oh, that's not nice. That's not the way to make friends and influence people. Perhaps if I appealed to fellow writers?

Dear, sweet Webmistress,

As a recent attendee of the ECWC, I was inspired to sign up for NaNoWriMo. I did! Yes, so exciting. However, the constant alerts that yet another irrelevant email arrived has been sent is DRIVING ME FREAKING BATSHI--

Now, see. Look at that. This is when writing needs to be controlled. Calm. A teensy bit rational.


I have tried to "unsubscribe." I have tried to reduce the volume of email crap by choosing digest. I have tried to ignore this avalanche of nonsense. But every time I open my email and see four hundred craptastic messages to delete, never mind read, I am reminded that Yahoo Groups is absolutely FU--

Ooo. Almost dropped a doozy there, didn't I? Okay, one more try.

Please. I beg of you, take me off this bloody list. The conference is over. Over. Let it go. Let me go!!! Yes, it was lovely. Yes, everyone was just super. Yes, we're all
godd--excessively grateful. Now stop. PLEASE STOP!!!!!

Ah. Perfect. Now, where is the send button....


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  1. hehehe..I subscribed the day they put me on it.

    I've no patience for me, toos and other crap.


    Did you hit send?