Wednesday, November 9, 2011

That's not so souper. [Souper Addendum]

As I was adding the second vat of chicken soup to the Crock Pot in the Break Closet, a new-ish person came in to the already crowded space. She glanced around and said, "Who made this?"

I paused mid-soup transfer. "Seriously?"

Come on. She isn't that new.

"Oh, you did?"

I attempted a smile and said yes. Encouragement to have some of the food was offered and I turned away to clean the bowl I was using to restock the soup. From behind me, I hear this:

"You must have a lot of free time after work."

I froze, mouth open in utter disbelief. Another coworker, standing parallel to me at the sink looked at me like a deer in the headlights. Then the new-ish person said dismissively:

"Oh, but Crock Pot soups are easy."

I replied.

"Yes. They are."

I think I deserve a prize now, please.


  1. LOL! yeah you slacker!

  2. WOW!! The restraint! I have to say, its probably a good thing I wasn't there for that. For some reason, a casual uninformed person throwing out commentary such as that, makes me want to poke her eyes out. Is that bad?? Probably is. Kind of messy too.
    Alright...plan B then, which is basically just me leaving comments here.

    Having seen the GREAT lengths you go to in order to prepare the culinary masterpieces so casually displayed at work... I am appalled and personally offended that someone would be so insensitive and ungrateful in your presence. But then again, people are often disappointing, aren't they? I would love to come and give a inservice on just exactly HOW MUCH TIME you invest in order to feed the hungry, starting with a slide show with your cinnamon roll preparation, and ending with your constant searching for appropriate soups/foods for all the people who can't eat normal stuff.

    And to little miss "crock pot soups are easy," a hearty "NO SOUP FOR YOU!!! ONE YEAR!"

  3. Wow..passive aggressive b!tch much?

    Such restraint you had. Good for you. I would have flattened her in a heartbeat.

    Love, love Rover's response. Just one year? Evil me says never. She can go open a can of Campbells. Mwah.

    Some people......voodoo doll for her just as soon as I find my rusty pins.

  4. Ultimate punishment: she has to live inside her own clueless skull, with herself as her closest companion.

    Besides, I hear the crawlspace is still full up from the previous... incident.

    Yes. You deserve a prize.