Wednesday, November 9, 2011

That's Souper.

Welcome to Cafe JobFromHell! As you can see, our Break Closet features the finest of dining experiences. So glad you could join us today!

Today's soup is Chicken Nokedli. Nokedli. It's like spaetzel, but for Hungarians. Because they're Hungarians. Listen, hang out with a few of 'em. You'll figure it out.

Not even 11:00 AM and half of the first vat is gone. I'm torn between delight and horror at the savagery. Wonderful coworker Vicki is on the tasting committee; she and Smooth and Groovy Steve have confirmed that the soup is up to the rigorous standards of all our coworkers.

They have also confirmed the lack of poison in each soup. Vicki was so concerned about the well-being of our colleagues, in fact, that she's tested the soup four or five times already. Such caring! Such dedication! Such selflessness!!

Hang on. The emotion provoked by her giving nature has made me a little misty.

Okay. Better now.

The vegan/gluten free option today is Zippy Tomato Lentil.

Yes. Zippy. It won't take the top of your head off, but it'll let you know it stopped by for a visit. Not hot. Just zippy.

Oh, lord. I've just been informed that most of the Chicken-Nokedli is gone. Must break out back-up vat.

Please leave your name with the host and you'll be seated as soon as possible. Thank you for visiting today!


  1. The soup of the day was fantastic. Though I only had a chance to try the chicken NO Kettley or whatever the heck you called it, but it was goooooooood! And I didn't die from poison either, which is also good. Bravo Maistro!

  2. Both soups look and sound lovely. I hope you realize what a precedent you are setting... and that someday... when the time comes to leave the evil lab, many MANY people will be left without soup. Will there ever be another Lisa Marie, providing outrageously good soups for the masses??? I think not.