Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jonesing for the fish.

Sometimes I think people slip addictive substances into food. I told the young lady waiting on us last Saturday night at Toyama this theory. She laughed, confident of her tip.

She wasn't wrong to do so.

Look at this:

It's a tiny, unassuming little place with indifferent heating. It's located in--hmm. What to call it? It's not precisely a strip mall; it's in a block of small shops and restaurants in the parking lot of a strip mall. It's a block mall! Right next to a dry cleaners and a place that sells work clothes. You know, for people who really, really work for a living. Carhartt-y stuff.
Like this.

Anyway. This restaurant has---wait for it---

All You Can Eat Sushi. I know!!! I've made 'em sorry a couple of times. I generally am so geared up for sushi, I say no, thank you to the miso soup. Even though I love miso soup. I just feel it takes up too much valuable sushi space.

Sadly, I rarely resist the gyoza. Potstickers. Yummy wrapped in carbs and fried in fat. What could be better??

Well, fewer Weight Watchers points. But come on! Look at them, in their golden fried glory.

Toyama not only has great gyoza and miso, they also have all the beginner sushi, like the California roll. Krab [the "k" indicating it's the fake stuff] and avocado, rolled in rice. Not scary at all, if you're scared of raw fish.

And, if the California roll just seems to be lacking something essential, like french fries, there's always the crunchy California roll. Because some days, if it isn't battered and deep fried, it doesn't have any value. This is also emotionally reassuring to those who fear the raw.
Which I do not.

Hey, did you know that the Dragon Roll has eel on it? Eel! Go figure.

Doesn't look like eel, does it? It just looks delicious. Mmmm. Almost as delicious as this:

Now, I am scared of spiders, but the spider roll? No problem. Maybe because it's just soft-shell crab. [The "c" indicating it's the real stuff.]

Actually, I don't have a real problem with spiders, either, as long as they stay out of my house. If they come into my house, I assume they're suicidal and I must help them achieve their goals.

But no more talk of spiders! Let's think happy thoughts! Sunlight! Flowers! Rainbows!

Ooo, rainbow rolls....

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. That Keats guy was no dummy. I wonder if he liked sushi. Did he appreciate the artistry?

Or the beauty of its simplicity?

Or did he just want more?

Much, much more?


All I can eat sushi. That's a little bit of heaven on earth.


  1. Oh, I love all-you-can-eat sushi, especially if the place is closer to 'dive' or 'hangout' than something with koto music piped in. Kitchy waving porcelain kitty at the till, UFC MMA with no sound on the flat screens ('no, dear, that's not softcore gay porn') and more Spanish than Japanese spoken by the chef behind the bar. Japanese (and Thai, Korean, Mexican, etc.) families at the tables, not couples trying to impress (get laid) on their second date. Our favorite version of this is in a building shaped like a tugboat; it's called Sushi Cruise.
    Now, I have some religiously-based dietary restrictions and oddly don't care for avocado, but there's still plenty on the menu to entice and entertain me. My mouth is watering with the thought of their mackerel as I write this.

    Maybe when you visit we can eat lunch there before taking you to the Magic Castle. Just a thought.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it.
    Not one of things that I ever want to eat. I know it's supposed to be good and all yet I can't get past the seaweed.

    Have mine and enjoy :D

  3. hey, you'll have to tell me where this toyama place is! yummo!

  4. Funny. I could have written this! I am always jonesing for sushi, and I have a longstanding joke with my co-workers (with whom I go for sushi at least once a week) that they must put crack cocaine in the rice or something to keep us coming back. I have even been using that exact phrase "taking up too much valuable sushi space" for many years. Seriously, are you sure you weren't channeling me when you wrote this?

    Is this place in Everett? I would love to meet you there sometime for all you can eat sushi! Deb is always talking about wanting to learn to enjoy sushi so this sounds like a perfect opportunity for her to learn from the masters.