Monday, May 9, 2011

What a Weekend.

Hello, beloved. I'm so sorry I haven't chatted with you over the weekend, but I was a little busy. With him.

Haha! Did you believe me? No? Not even for a second? Fine. You're right, actually. I wasn't with him. I was with the lady who wrote/created him. Yes, I had the privilege of hanging out with Big Whoop-De-Doo Author Cherry Adair.

I don't call her that, her husband does. He's called that from the beginning, before she was even published, God bless his sweet heart. He's a good egg, all in all. I keep telling her, "You should marry him."

I find I'm much more successful matchmaking if I stick to people who are already married.

Anyway, Cherry is part of an annual event in a local library and a few years ago, set the precedent of offering a lavish tea. The first was at her house and I got to help. Subsequent years have moved the tea to the event locale, which, gosh, is super convenient. Who wouldn't enjoy packing up ten zillion finger foods and their pretty serving plates?

Oh, yes. Pretty serving plates. We do NOT slap food down on just anything. That's when the beatings occur.

I didn't do as much for the tea this year. I didn't bake any scones. Btw, that's pronounced scahns. Because Cherry said so, in her delicious South African accent. I don't know why, ask her.

I did make deviled eggs [120 of them] with the pretty piped centers. The swirly kind. I also made curried chicken tea sandwiches [96 of them] on cinnamon-raisin bread. The cinnamon and the curry are so yummy together! And I made cucumber tea sandwiches [88 of them] on buttermilk white bread. Cherry was a bit distressed by the thickness of the bread slices, but we agreed that bread from this country was too soft to slice thinly enough and would simply have to do.

The rest of the spread, Cherry made. Well, Cherry and Mr. Costco. They did a great job. Fruit and mini cream puffs and brownie bites and cake and a great big jar of huge, stuffed olives. They worked really hard on their stuff.

And as one of my many rewards, Cherry gave me an autographed copy of "HUSH," her most recent deliciousness in print. That's the cover up top. Go on and look. I'll wait. Yum, huh? And btw...I've read it. It's FABULOUS. I'm just saying.

I'm hoping, if I'm very. very good, I will receive this, from Cherry:

This time, I would like the guy, please.

What? Tea sandwiches don't make themselves, you know.


  1. I can't wait to dive into that delish book and wait for the next installment.

    I adore the wonderful Cherry. Such a gem.

    Back to the planting I go.


  2. Thanks for telling me to ask that one girl out. We're married now. I think we'd only been dating for about eight years when you told me I should call her.

    Did you know that what we think of as 'high tea' is more properly called 'low tea'? The things one picks up while paying attention to Royals; I might get the vapours.