Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today's The Day

Well, darling invisible one, the day has finally arrived. BWDDA-to-be Karina Cooper's book is released today.

And the crowd...goes...WILD!!!!!!

Believe it or not, I am as excited about this for dear Karinarina, as I call her, as I am about the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals. I know! That's a lot of excitement two days in a row. I may need to lie down. Apply a cold compress to my brow.

At this point, Roommate usually sighs and makes me a cup of tea. Decaf. Because...well. I need not explain.

Anyway. The book release party is tonight. I'm leaving the job early--yes, I asked. Yes, I got coverage. I'm not a complete savage, you know. Roommate and Best Break-up Ever Man and I are all taking a short drive to Karina's city and celebrating with her. I will not lie to you; there may be squealing.

Stop judging me.

Then tomorrow I fly off to the east coast to see a Very Nice Person. I will land [in theory] forty minutes after the puck drops. VNP has promised to drive straight from the airport to the nearest sports bar. How sweet is that?

But tonight is all about Karina and her book. YAY, KARINA!!!

Now go buy her book. Yes. Now.

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