Monday, May 23, 2011

Wait a minute!

Shelley, a darling woman who works in a neighboring department, has offered a helping hand to my coworker Tonya. In a vain, flailing attempt to keep me from a) losing my mind, b) causing others to lose their minds and c) wreaking havoc in the form of personal harm/assault unto others, Shelley gave the coworker these:

Look closely:

How delightful! Chocolates! Which, as we all know, I adore. And one measly point per yummy bundle of goodness. Could anything be better????

Now we have something that Tonya can hurl at my ravening maw as I'm spiraling into a complete junk-food-deprived meltdown. But wait a minute...

According to,

Calories in Weight Watchers Whitman's Double Chocolate Mousse Candy
Nutrition Facts
Weight Watchers - Whitman's - Double Chocolate Mousse
Candy Servings: 3 pieces ) Calories 160
Total Fat 10 g Total Carbs 24g
Dietary Fiber 6 g
Sugars 11 g
Protein 2 g

When one uses her handy-dandy point calculator on the SmartPhone that is smarter than she is, one learns the this candy is TWO POINTS PER PIECE.

Oh, sure. Eat three pieces and it's five points, but one piece--ONE LOUSY PIECE--and the point value is DOUBLE the purported point value on the packaging!!!!!


I am appalled. I am outraged.

Normally, one would take this opportunity to hurl chocolates at me at this point, but the points...are askew.




    1 PointsPlus ™ value per piece
    Deep, dark chocolate surrounding a double chocolate mousse center.

    Are you using the new formula they debuted earlier this year? It switched values around but damned if I can remember what they are.

    Back to the sneezing corner I go..


  2. It has the Points Plus logo on the packaging, but the online WW point count, as well as my own calculations, differ.


  3. I always used the ww online points figuerer outer thingy magoo. I never used third party things since WW likes to play with the formula on how to figure out points.

    Yes, I realize that is clear as mud. Blame this cold that is making me beyond miserable.

    I'll be nice and not share. :/

    Now I want candy.....grrr.