Monday, May 16, 2011

A Thousand Words

It's been one of those days and I feel very, very random. Yeah. If you stop reading now, darling invisible friend, I will not judge you. And I won't be hurt. Much.

It's true. I hate Mondays. Part of me wants to feel sorry for Mondays, but then the larger part of me beats the crap out of that part and tells it to shut the hell up.

It's possible to get too much of this. Really. It is. Don't try it. Trust me.

I really love most vegetables. I really hate it when some wellness program encourages me to "try a new fruit or vegetable this week!" Um...any suggestions on a fruit or veg I haven't tried? And is available within 20 miles of my home? Nutrition is great and all, but but at this point, I'm not driving an hour out of my way just to find something "new." But fava beans were at the farmers' market. I haven't tried those yet.

Did I mention the overabundance of fiber thing? Yeah.


And may I say, darling one, how kind and patient you are? Even though you're probably thinking this: hang in there.

Good for you.

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  1. Some folks are scheduling post-Rapture looting parties this Saturday. If you're at any risk of being Raptured, please make sure you have a nice, reliable heathen to take care of your pets once you're gone. Plan ahead and befriend some staunch atheists today.