Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pride Goeth

A dear friend invited me to gloat over the first two games between the Canucks and the Sharks, this playoff series. I declined. Why? Because that is when the Omnipotent Comedian smites me.

It's true! Any time I get too full of myself, ANY TIME, I am smote.

Now, I don't think last night's loss for the Canucks had anything to do with me and my inflated sense of self. I'm not quite that delusional. Close, but not quite. I am very impressed with the way the Canucks battled back and lost only by one goal. It wasn't the win I wanted for them, wasn't a 4-0 loss, either.

4-3. So close. So very, very far away.

Assuming enough of the teams still exist on this plane after the Rapture occurs [what time was that supposed to happen again?] Game 4 will be played tomorrow in San Jose at noon. No matter what, there will be a Game 5 in Vancouver.

Again, assuming there are enough heathens in the NHL and working at Rogers Arena. Otherwise, who will drive the Zamboni? Who will fly the planes carrying the players? And oh, wow, wouldn't it suck to be on a flight with an all-Christian flight crew today?

But I digress. Yes, again. But hey, if the end of the world is coming, why not?

I wonder if there will be hockey in heaven. The ice would melt in hell, so not there. Ooo! That really would be hell, wouldn't it? Beautiful rink, excellent equipment...and the ice keeps melting?

Anyway. Game 4, tomorrow. See you there.

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  1. Rapture happened Saturday: worldwide, forty-five people disappeared. Correction: forty-three. Two were just hiding in a broom closet.