Friday, May 13, 2011


I blogged yesterday! It was good, too. It was funny. It was life-changing. Okay, it wasn't life-changing, but what if it had been? NO lives would have been changed because...

Blogspot ate my blog from yesterday!!!!!!

I'm a wee bit miffed.

In other news, my parents are in town and staying with one of the aunt/uncle sets for the weekend. We all [Roommate included] met for dinner last night [thanks, Dad!] had a lovely little chat over a nice meal. My Aunt Mary Lynn giggled every time the name of my blog was mentioned. No, seriously. It was adorable. I don't think she'll become a follower, but she was amused by it.

Her darling husband, Uncle Larry, found the blog on his iPhone and immediately honed in on one that featured my mother. My mother sat there, blissfully unconcerned, as he read a tiny snippet of it. I think Mom's opinion is the Internet is just a passing fad. If she has an opinion at all, that is. This is the woman who calls me from the lake cabin to tell her how to turn on the television.

To be fair, it's satellite tv and the remote is fairly complicated. But she makes me look techno-savvy. The DVD player completely stymies her. Let's not talk about texting. It isn't pretty.

Sigh. I will have to revisit the questions asked by spicy Cuban Mo next time.

Disappearing blogs! Gah! What a world.

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