Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Needed on my keyboard

Coworker Tonya just made a funny. As I was kvetching to her, stating that I didn't eat the damn apple, none of this CRAP is my fault and I am sick unto death of paying for other people's mistakes!!!!! and she asked if I'd discussed this with The Person In Power.

"Yes," I replied firmly and okay, a bit snappily.

"But in a way that..." she began and trailed off.

"What, do you think I could couch it in terms that might make a difference? That there's some way I could approach the Omnipotent Comedian that might affect the outcome?? In a way that the OC might not know what I was actually thinking??????!!!" Wearing my best are-you-kidding-or-just-delusional expression, I then performed an impression of myself. Well, me-as-an-incredibly-reasonable-and-diffident-person. Quit laughing. It could happen.

"Hey, look...coupla things I want to go over, if You have a minute...."

Pfft. A blind man could see through that. That approach out of my mouth has more holes than freaking macrame. And not the good, tight, not-stoned-in-the-70s macrame, because that's not really saying anything, is it?

My coworker was silent for a few moments. "Yeah," she said slowly. "I don't know why I said that."

And this is why we need a delete button.


  1. Hmm, sounds like you need a break...tea/muffin/cookie/something.

    Okay, now running away. :D

    Yep, that's how looking for my brain day is coming along.

    Have you found it for me? lolol


  2. Well. (Yes it is a deep issue.) I seem to have made it to the bottom of the deepest one anyone could find or even deeper. The stupidest comment I think I have made in quite some time became the subject of todays blog. How nice. I knew it was wrong the second it slipped of my tongue. Of course if you believe in the God that I do He knows whats up why would I even suggest such a thing is beyond me. But I have found that my co-worker is continually correcting my thinking on things. Mostly because I had never thought of the thing in quite that way. This I find to be insightful but as far as todays faux pas,I knew that.