Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Evening

I'm living the happy tonight. Yes, I am in denial about work tomorrow. Don't be mean and bring that up. [sniff]

First: CANUCKS WON!!!!! Yes, it was only game #1 of the series, but the Sharks were hot tonight, especially during the first half of the game. The Sharks also scored first, so I was especially pleased that the Canucks came back to win.

Added to this, my lovely neighbor Robin's husband was teasing me relentlessly, saying that the Canucks would lose and that they only have one good player. got ugly after that. Roommate had to drag me out of their home. When the final horn of the game sounded, I reveled in the gloat-call.

Then I tried a new recipe from my darling pal Kristen. She loves to send me sinfully delicious recipes she finds. No, really.

Gnocchi mac&cheese, made with fontina, parmesan and gruyere.

That's right. Need I say more?

In an attempt to be supportive to the Weight Watchers ordeal, she sent me a recipe for healthy chocolate cake. Plus, I think she was tired of my whining and bursting into tears with every new recipe. With this recipe, I switched the AP flour for whole wheat and made it into cupcakes. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Finally, I battled phyllo dough and...well, I didn't lose outright. I made breakfast pockets for Roommate, with chicken sausage and peppers and scallions and feta cheese and eggs. I have no idea if Roommate will like them.

It was a nice day. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

Damn Mondays.


  1. Making me hungry all over again.....glad you tried them and enjoyed the uhm, healthier recipe. At least one of us is doing that. ;)

    Glad your team won even though I'm not a hockey (give blood, play hockey)fiend.

    Wonder what recipes I'll find for you tomorrow.


  2. Guilt-free gloating is such a rare treat; enjoy.

    Hey, this gives me an idea... Stay tuned, and know I love you.