Saturday, September 3, 2011

Loose Change

Well, darling one, I have returned. I know, I know. I disappeared. Things were just...wackadoodle. You understand, don't you? I was dealing with unpleasantness that we shan't discuss yet. Oh, I'll handle it. Don't worry. Don't fret.

Stop wringing your hands.

I have a solid Plan B in place, so it's going to be fine. I just hate the kick-in-the teeth process of this type of situation. Anyway.

Before we go any further, I want to express my unfettered glee at the number of comments on the last post. Yes, yes, the usual high-pitched squealing noises were made. Don't judge me. Comments on this blog, in all their incarnations, delight me beyond measure. My sincerest thanks to those kind enough to take the time to type a response. Yay, you!

Speaking of high-pitched squealing noises, look!!!

This my friend Nina's new baby. Isn't he just a puddin'? Puppies are good. Puppies make so many things seem more bearable. Like change. And Weight Watchers.

Hm? Oh, thank you for asking. It's going okay, though I can't tell a difference in myself. I hate that. That's change I want, for once. And can I see it? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I've lost 28 pounds so far [12 1/2 kilograms, if you like the metric system better] and I'm trying to find the joy in that. Unfortunately, I still have to lose the equivalent of my coworker, holding a bag a groceries, in weight.

Daunting thought, huh? Oh, it's not as terrible as the volume of weight I had to lose at my heaviest weight. Then, I had to lose a football player. Not a linesman, but a quarterback or a kicker, at least.

Btw, I refer to American football, not the much older sport my country has dubbed "soccer." I don't know. We'll Google it later.

Fall is coming. Change is coming.

Thank God for hockey season.



    That rocks, girl. You might just inspire me.

    Want a tip to help you see the changes? I know, don't kill me for this but....take a snapshot of yourself.

    Any small furry baby is good. Mums has a new kitten (don't ask about the old one...please) and oh, the joy of that 3 month old terror is grand.

  2. You really do look smaller, I can totally tell. Its just harder to tell looking at yourself everyday.
    What a sweet looking puppy. I just love baby mammals! But I DISLIKE change, and it seems I'm not alone in that. Change IS hard.
    Whatever way the wind blows you... you'll be just fine.