Friday, September 16, 2011

Day One

Here she is! Roommate, on Day One of the 3-Day Walk for breast cancer. Isn't she a vision in pink?

And, okay, isn't everyone else, too?

Roommate's alarm went off at 0240 today. She got up and, in a cruel and vicious manner, sent the Hounds of Hell [AKA our dogs] into my room to wake me up. Although I didn't actually have to power of speech, I managed to rise, dress and drive Roommate to Seattle to meet up with thousands of other walkers and start her day.

Then I went home and went back to bed. Don't judge me.

We even managed breakfast before dropping her off! Okay, it was a grease gut bomb from Denny's, but it was breakfast of a sort. [NB: Even when Denny's has "Fit" in the title of a dish, it's still going to arrive at the table, swimming in its own little lake of grease. Shudder.] Walkers are instructed to check in between 0500 and 0600, but word to the wise, earlier is better for dropping off a walker. Unless one enjoys sitting in a veritable parking lot of cars/drivers, trying to drop off their walkers.

This we learned two years ago, during our first walk experience. Not so much fun. Just saying.

Anyway, after pulling up to the drop-off point [Pulling right up! No waiting!!] I helped Roommate pull out her small mountain of stuff, gave her a big, warm hug and wished her well. As she rolled her suitcase toward the luggage trucks, I yelled after her,

"Play nice with the other kids!"

Even on a cool, damp Seattle morning, the heat of a Look Of Death can be felt. It warmed me all the way home.

Oh, I'm going to pay for that on Sunday.

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