Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wedding Of The Century! Okay, decade! Fine, Year?

So Roommate's mother is getting married again.

Yes, again. To a man whom she loves. And I do wish her every happiness, I really do, but I have to say, I'm dreading the wedding. Just a little bit.

Oh, that's terrible, isn't it? It's just that the timing is a teensy bit terrible. The date they've chosen...December 23rd.

I know.

And to top it off, the place they've rented for the ceremony/reception is all theirs...from noon until 6PM. Yeah. 3PM wedding. Three hours to put up inexpensive, yet tasteful and elegant decorations, prep the bride, move the cake [that I'm making] and cupcakes [that I'm making] into position, take all the appropriate photographs [that Roommate will be taking], get everyone seated and have the ceremony.

Then after the ceremony, move all the chairs lined up for the ceremony back into place for the tables, shove attendees through the buffet line [assuming the catering is ready to go], allow people to enjoy and eat and talk, albeit quickly, because we only have until 6PM to get everything cleaned up, including all the decorating stuff packed up and out to the car.

No problem.

Before the ceremony, we need to get bolts of tulle, acres of chiffon and a gazillion of those hook thingies that stick to the wall without damaging it, as much sparkly stuff as we can and all for as little money as we can spend.

Btw, the catering people are only providing the meat for the meal. Barbecue. The rest of the food...well. Roommate and I will think of something.

And I have to have something appropriate to wear. Gah. Shopping.

Roommate also needs something appropriate to wear. Gah! More shopping!!

I hate shopping. I know, I know, but I think I'm missing that part of the X chromosome. It's just not my gift.

Speaking of gifts, we also have to run around and register. Well, okay, Roommate's mom has to do that, but you know how that will play out. At least she and Roommate took care of the dress.

Anyway. I'm sure it'll be fine.

How much is an actual acre of chiffon?


  1. Oh lord. This situation has the makings of one very amusing story, after everyone has forgotten the tears and sweat of the occasion.
    I certainly hope the guest list is only about 20 people, or you are going to be royally up shit creek without necessary paddle.... and thats the optimistic version. But you two can get it done... probably (said extra low and nearly inaudible).

  2. Before this is done, we will be witnesses to an heroic tale of epic proportions. Epic, I say! Dragons will be slain, Rhinegold will be stolen... Alert the DJ that Carmina Burana will be the tune for the first dance.