Monday, September 26, 2011

Not my owie.

Hello, dearest. Did you have a nice weekend? I do hope so. Hm? Oh, thank you, my weekend was fine. A little too full of actual work, but they refuse to pay me if I don't work.


Anyway, my weekend was fine, but Roommate didn't have as much fun. Sigh.

Do you remember my talking about Roommate's pain tolerance? Personally, I don't get it; why would anyone want to tolerate pain? It makes no sense. If there is pain, it should be stopped immediately. And no, pain is not "weakness leaving the body," no matter what my darling ultra-fit friends say. No, it's not. No, it's not!

Look, we can quarrel about this later. The point is, Roommate is not a complainer when it comes to discomfort. It took a nearly ruptured gall bladder to get her into the walk-in clinic, so this is not necessarily the best thing. Okay, okay, I take the complaining too far in the other direction, but this is how I help the universal balance.

That smirk is not attractive, btw.

So, as we all know, Roommate walked sixty freakin' miles last weekend. Oh, excuse me, she "only" walked about fifty-five miles. Sorry. How foolish of me to exaggerate. She walked an obscene number of miles and shocker, her body was...shall we say, displeased with her? Yes. Yes, we shall.

Shin splints.

Now, surely there are more painful injuries in the world, but this one is not a barrel of laughs, dear one. Roommate has been mightily uncomfortable, so much so, she's even--wait for it---

---said something.

I know!

Yesterday, we went to the drug store and picked up supplies for this:

I have no idea if this will actually help. I vaguely remember this herringbone pattern of tape from high school, but maybe this was only useful when evading the dinosaurs.

Poor Roommate.


  1. Ouch. Ice, ibuprofen, massage, and maybe different shoes to the rescue! (raise the heel for pain on the front I think is how it works) Avoid uneven walking surfaces while recuperating.
    Poor roomie.

  2. She should when not having to stand on her two feet do as follows:

    Lay down with feet high.
    Keep her chins warm at all times to help with bloodflow through the damaged area.
    A healthy circulation will help her heal faster.
    She should get some antiinflamatory inside her.
    Voltaren and/or Dikloflenak will usually do the trick.

    Iceing the damaged area will help with her discomfortlevel but will slow up the healing process.
    And as she´s no whiner my guess is that she wants this out of the way ASAP.

    Now, depending on the amount of damage caused (and her abillity to stay off it) this will take from one week up to four weeks.

    This method of recuperation is tried and proven.

    Good luck to roommate.


  3. Awwww! :( Poor Roomie! Please tell her she rocks for walking all those painful miles!