Monday, October 31, 2011

Who was on LM watch????

Darling invisible friend, I have returned! Did you miss me? Did you cry?

Can you fake it? Sheesh. All right, then.

But I'm back! A bit tired, thanks for asking, but back. I have once again attended the Emerald City Writers Conference.

No, sadly, actual emeralds were not given out. But I did get to see some dear friends and buy waaaaay too many books at the book fair. I believe my credit card's exact words were, "Are you ___ing kidding me????"

Sadly, I was not.

The problem was, Roommate was not with me and no one else was on Lisa Marie watch. If I am left unattended...

...things happen.

But oh! A little bird in Pennsylvania told me she was disheartened by some of her usual favorites in the world of romance writing. She asked, via comment on my Betty Neels post, for suggestions of a great read. I present unto you, Birdwoman...

Julia Quinn.

I love Julia Quinn. She doesn't know me from Adam--or Eve, rather. I would assume she could differentiate me from Adam. She's very clever, you know. And I don't know her personally. But I love her books. It's happy reading. It's some of the sweetness of Betty Neels with just a drop of Cherry Adair-type spice to give it some heat. It's hot chocolate with a pinch of cayenne pepper. Or whiskey!

Mmm. Whiskey.

Anyway. I was able to talk to JQ at the bookfair offered by the conference and I fear she thought I was gushing a bit, but I told her the truth. I did worry when an eight-book series she wrote ended, that I wouldn't enjoy her newer stories as much. Wow, was I happy to be wrong. Normally, I don't enjoy being wrong. There's sulking involved. Copious volumes of chocolate are often consumed. I can admit to you, darling one, that I am, sadly, not above a snarky comment. But in this case, I wasn't snarky. I may even have burbled a bit.

Oh, like you've never burbled. Pfft.

I did have a nice time. And I had some very interesting things happen, too, but we will discuss them later. Yes, we will. Yes, we will. Because I have a Julia Quinn book to read.

Happy sigh. It's happy reading.

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  1. Why didn't you tell me you need watching at the book fair? Hmm? I would have assisted. Sheesh.

    I was good. Only 4 books. Mwah.

    And I'm still dancing. Oh yes, I am. Of course, it could be all the candy I ate tonight while attempting to stay awake.