Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Soup Day Returneth.

It's a cool-ish day, dear one. Not yet 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and the weather people tell me that it should only top out at 51. Yes, they told me. No, they didn't call, but the guy was looking right at me as he gave his report. To whom else would he have been speaking??? I was alone in the room.

Anyway, it turned out to be the perfect day for Soup Day. Vicki and Shelley brought bread and Adriane brought cookies. Yum!

And I made this:

It's white bean soup. I added arborio rice and quinoa, because beans alone do not provide complete proteins for humans. One must add a grain. And arborio rice makes it taste almost creamy. Mmmm!

Adriane was mocking me earlier, which is surprising. I have the power to deny her soup, after all.


She was teasing me because I told her that I usually do a "safety" soup as well as a main soup. I shall explain.

Yes, I shall. Why is this always a surprise to you?

Say I make a variation on French Onion soup and it's a Tuesday. Nina the X-ray tech, who arrives at 2PM and works until close, won't be able to have any. She doesn't eat red meats. So...say I make a chicken noodle soup. Lisa, the PA from Ear, Nose & Throat, won't be able to have any of it because she's gluten intolerant. Actually, so is Leanne from the Walk-In Clinic. So they wouldn't be able to have any soup. Dari is lactose intolerant, so clam chowder would kill her, and Coley, Nathan and Tyler are all vegetarians. Harlan is vegetarian who also doesn't eat eggs and Rezia is Muslim and doesn't consume any pork products or alcohol. No beer or wine in her soup.

And I make an awesome beer and cheddar soup. Just saying.

So. I make whatever soup I want to make as a rule, then I make a safety soup. It's usually in the smaller Crock Pot. But today, I didn't have to do this because my main soup is vegan, gluten-free and low fat. We pulled out a small container for Vicki before I added the rest of the vegetable stock, as Vicki [and her husband] are watching their sodium intake very closely.

Oh, stop that. It's good. If I hadn't told you it was vegan, low fat and gluten free, you wouldn't even notice. What are you, five???

My point is, no mockery was necessary. After all, what's the point of making soup for everyone if everyone can't enjoy it?

Plenty of soup. Are you headed over?


  1. Remind me why I left podiatry again....because this alone solely would have kept me there!! I miiiiiiiiss soooooup daaaay!!! (that's me complaining and smacking my head against the wall)


  2. oh my gosh that soup was soooo friggin goooood! i'm salivating for more!

  3. Beer and cheddar soup sounds amazing, especially with some crusty sourdough bread. YOU, woman.... have a gift. Actually several.