Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Very lazy.

Hello, dearest invisible friend. I want you to know that I know I'm being a lazy blogger. I do. I'm simply not able to think too deeply right now. If I do, I will recognize that aspects of my life [coughJOBcough] add up to an absolute suckfest, and I will either burst into tears, spiral down into a depression or walk my sizable ass out of here, giving everyone the finger on the way out.

Not everyone deserves that. A few people, oh, sure. All that and more. But not everyone.

Anyway. I'm in a travel mood. Okay, I'm in a get-me-the-hell-out-of-here mood and no one has offered me any of the jobs for which I have applied. Not dwelling. Just saying.

But back to travel. Look!

Isn't that gorgeous? Here in the Pacific Northwest, we don't get quite as much fall color, so the idea of being surrounded by all this gorgeousness is very tempting. I don't think I'd have to go back to Maine, but wouldn't a little leaf-peeping drive be nice today?

My Fabulous Neighbor and I were chatting about the travel bug just recently. Of course, we were chatting about cats, too, so maybe this doesn't interest you as much, as you have not had the distinct pleasure and privilege of meeting Fabulous Neighbor. You only wish you had a neighbor this fabulous. And funny! No, really. We were talking about my friend Karina's cat and his hoarding tendencies.

I am serious. Well, when you pick up a couch to move it out of an apartment and you find all the plastic bits from milk jugs and juice containers, barrettes, small plastic toys and every other small thing you haven't been able to find in the last six months, and your cat has a look of "Oh CRAP! Hey! Hey! That's my stuff! That's my stuff!" then you know your cat is a hoarder. FN was ready to call TLC right then. She even started practicing the voice-overs.

Tonight, on TLC....Cat Hoarders! [Not the kind you
think!] Fluffy has buried for years!
"Okay, Fluffy, I'm just putting the stuffing in this box..."
"No! I need that! Hey, leave that scratching post alone!!
I told you, I still use that!!!!!"

FN is still working with a production team on the details. But this isn't where I was going with this.

FN and I have talked about places to go and see, and my list of travel spots. As I'm mentioned, Roommate and I will go to Italy when we reach our goal weight. But in the meantime, there are other, equally or nearly as fabulous place to visit. Like Newfoundland.

Newfoundland. Home of Great Big Sea. And a few other people. Very nice people, I'm sure; I just don't know them by name. Look.....

This is Cabot Tower. Evidently, the FIRST Trans-Atlantic wireless message was sent from this spot! How cool is that? And isn't it pretty?

Almost as pretty as this.

Ahhhh. I could get used to a view like this. You know, when it isn't raining. Or snowing. Or hurricaning.

Yes, I realize that this is not a real word. Go with it.

And look at this!

When icebergs from Greenland and Iceland calve [bits break off of the giant icebergs] the baby icebergs like to travel south to Newfoundland. I think they like the music. Yes, that's it. I'm sure most icebergs are HUGE Great Big Sea fans.


Give ten minutes to pack and grab my passport.


  1. You've blogged more than I have, dear.

    Those photos of all that water remind me of your rejected kayaking idea. Kayaking tour of Newfoundland? Umm, probably not. What about bicycling? Breezes, scenery, low impact. Does anyone rent bicycles to tourists in Newfoundland? Well, maybe you could be an entrepreneur and rent out bicycles in Newfoundland to tourists. Expand the line to tricycles, maybe.

    Need a catchy company name, though.

  2. I'm still working on my piece about "animal hoarders... its not what you think..." Can't find your sock?? Maybe you should be blaming little Fluffy instead of the dryer??? I'll get it sorted out and we can do it as a comic team. That was a hysterical spontaneous conversation, haven't laughed that hard in quite some time, thank you.