Thursday, October 27, 2011

Soup Reply

A comment was made on Soup Day, as follows:

Remind me why I left podiatry again....because this alone solely would have
kept me there!! I miiiiiiiiss soooooup daaaay!!! (that's me complaining and
smacking my head against the wall)


Oh, Jamie. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. Darling one, you can ALWAYS have soup! People come from other buildings, other work satellites, on Soup Day. Why should you be excluded???

NB: I did try to reply to the lovely and talented Jamie via the comment section of my blog, but evidently, according to, I am not authorized to comment. On my own blog.


Blogger is NOT invited to Soup Day. Pfft. That'll teach it.


  1. yes I agree.. Jamie should come over and visit.. but it seems to be the trend, once you leave "this area" you just dont return. Maybe blogspot thought you were going to respond in an inappropriate way... you... no way :-)


  2. ahhh! This brings joy to my little heart!!! Next time I hear of soup day I may be sneaking over for a bowl oh and the bread...ahhh bread with butter holds a special place in my heart as well! Thank shall see me again!!!


  3. I've heard about this soup day of which you speak.... and am very interested. I think we should start a new routine where all soups must be checked for quality by.... a neighbor??? I think I could be very helpful in making sure all soups are of a proper standard, befitting the kind people who are lucky enough to work with you. Of course, this would be a completely unnecessary routine, thus appealing to most of your bosses. Thats just how it works.