Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Pressure!

Roommate asked me today, "What was your blog about yesterday?"

"Oh, I complained about not being able to go to the cabin."

I received a faintly incredulous look. "You didn't say anything about being a grumpy spouse at the nail salon?"

We went to get pedicures on Friday while HRH Tuppence Marie visited Rochelle, her stylist, and I admit it; I got impatient and wanted to leave. Was it right to compare me to the grumpy spouse, sitting in the one chair by the dressing rooms in a clothing boutique? I think not.

And once again, how did I get to be the guy in this faux-bian relationship????


Then she asked, "Well, did you write anything funny? You have to make it funny. There were funny things that happened."


Okay. Roommate doesn't even read this blog. She doesn't! And now, suddenly, there's all this pressure to be funny? Well...what if I'm not in a funny mood?

Yes, that happens. What? What? Ohhh, you're being sarcastic...right. I should have noticed the font. That was good. Really.

Now stop it.

And this is still MY blog, right?




  1. Ah, but at least some read your blog. ;)

    You are often funny.

    Yes, it is still your blog.

    Are you writing? Hmm? Plotting? Planning?

    Ducking...and running.....

  2. I'm sorry about the whole cabin/bat population/men not conquering the weather issue....

    You could go on a blog vacation while you are writing, then report back after your month long hiatus.... or use the blog as a writing warm-up exercise. Either way I wish you happy writing. Oh and maybe you need to break up with your room mate. (I'm ducking and running as well... )
    If you need an Irishman break let me know...