Thursday, April 21, 2011

On the board again!

Darling, do you know what's great about writing the words "The End" in the final paragraph of one's work in progress? Starting the next WIP!

Yes, I am seeking medical care for this condition. However did you guess?

Anyway! I'm hanging out with new characters and their little world. They're nice people, really. Oh, they have their flaws, don't get me wrong, but all in all, they're a sweet group.

I hope they still like me after we hang out for a while.

Why are you looking at me like that???

Okay, listen. Sometimes after you spend a whole lot of time with your characters, they get a little...moody. They start to get snippy. Sullen. Uncommunicative. Frankly, they're just sick of me. They have lives, for Pete's sake. [I'm not entirely sure who Pete is, but his sake seems to be very important.] They have things to do. Place to go. Plot devices to fulfill. And there I am, just screwing around when they're revving up to move on.

I addressed this with my current characters. I told them my plans and goals, explained my timeline and expressed my commitment to getting them to their endpoint in a reasonable and efficient manner. They're not entirely convinced.

I don't really blame them.

I have let down other characters before. I admit it. Some have been so disillusioned that they just packed up and left. I was sad and sorry, but I understood. And really, I wish them the best in whatever imagination becomes their next home.

Seriously, why are you staring at me like that????

I'm not crazy. I'm just a writer.


  1. Yay! Go forth words.

    Doing better than moi.

    Back to the shadows I linger...


  2. And Willie Nelson sang:

    "On the board again.
    I just can't wait to get on the board again.
    The life I love is with imaginary friends,
    And I can't wait to get on the booard again..."