Thursday, April 28, 2011

Points? What points?

All right. I must respond to the comment made by my darling coworker Kristen. I promise, I didn't join Weight Watchers while in Las Vegas, or on my way to Las Vegas. I joined shortly before this scheduled trip and didn't get around to blogging/whining about it.

Can you believe it?? I missed an opportunity to whine??? I'm shocked, too. Heehee!

The point battle continues to be a challenge, but I tossed aside my caution while we were here today:

The Egg and I. Oh, dear invisible friend...if ever you are in Las Vegas, you should consider breakfasting here. Yum. YUM.


I should have taken a picture before diving into my meal, but my brain shut off when my Chile Relleno Omelet, home fries and fresh fruit arrived at the table. It shut off and I just dove in. This is what was left after the meal:

Remember, dearest, that I am what was once called a "good eater." I have been referred to as a "member of the Clean Plate Club." Does this give you a clue how much food there was? And every bite of it was delicious.

Don't worry, I'm not becoming a dainty eater. It'd take more than Weight Watchers to do that to me!


  1. Yummo! Where have you been? Hope April has been good to you! See you soon I hope!